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Serenity Bathing Bundle

Product image 1Serenity  Bath Bundle
Product image 2Serenity Bathing Bundle

Regular price $50.00

Has self-care taken a backseat in your life? Do you need the tools to relax from the hustle and bustle of your day?

Look no further...our Serenity Bundle has been designed to meet your self-care needs in your own inner sanctum--your house, room, or favorite spot to be. From bath salts to a soothing linen and body spray, our Serenity Bundle will help you get to that well deserved soothing space of serenity. 

Here's our recommended routine for using the Serenity Bundle:

 STEP 1: Spray your room and/or bedsheets with the linen spray

STEP 2: Run water in tub.  Add Serenity Bath Salts. Use the sea sponge combined with your favorite cleanser to wash after soaking

STEP 3: After bath, extend the scent show by spritzing spray into the air of the room 

STEP 4: After your self-care routine, continue your self-care by sanitizing your hands with the matching sanitizing spray

What's included:

  • 6 oz Serenity Bath Salts
  • A choice of 3 scents in a combo linen spray/body spray: Love Jones, Amber Nights, or Lime Cotton
  • A choice of 3 scents in a hand sanitizer spray: Love Jones, Amber Nights, or Lime Cotton
  • Sea Sponge - an eco friendly alternative to your traditional loofa

$65 value for $50

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